Covid-19 Update


Stoney Creek Update Regarding the Covid-19 Virus

 March 31, 2020

The Virginia Campground Association was able to get through to the Governor's office. The following information is the most updated information available, at this time.

The answers provided by the Governor's office are pretty comprehensive. Please keep in mind that everything is open to personal interpretation. But we feel confident on how to now move forward.


Let me reiterate, please cease contacting our employees personal cell phones. They get the information when you do! Any questions need to be directed to (540) 430-5547 during business hours 10am-6pm.

1. Campgrounds must not accept stays for less than 14 nights for cabin rentals.

2. If someone is traveling through the State while trying to get home, we cannot accept that camper for 1 overnight stay.

3. Seasonal sites have different rules. Because they rent for approximately 7 months, we do not have to regulate when they come and go. It suggests that we do not have to require that they stay 14 days when using their site.

4. Seasonals can cross State lines to come to their camper.

5. Any reservation booked after April 1 must be for 14 days, until further notice.

6. We can take reservations for less than 14 days if the booking for a reservation is after June 10. That can change if the order is extended.

7. Any camper already on site with a reservation that was booked for less than 14 days, must vacate by April 1st.

8. Campgrounds ARE still essential businesses. All employees still come in to work if their job description is necessary for campground functions.

9. All drive ups must be turned away if they cannot stay 14 nights. As you know, we do not take out of State drive ups, at this time.



March 30, 2020

As of today, we cannot accept any short term guests at Stoney Creek Campground. This is in direct compliance with Governor Northam's Stay at home order.

Prior to this order we allowed guests from "Virginia only", to camp overnight, visit our camper's sites, and reserve weekend and weekly sites.

Effective immediately, the above guests will no longer be given access to Stoney Creek Campground regardless of whether they are a Virginia resident or not.

When the "Stay at home order" is lifted, we will notify our guests.

As always, please continue to adhere to the CDC guidelines and practice "safe distancing".

If you are experiencing flu type symptoms, please stay home and care for yourself.

Let's all join together to keep everyone safe!

The following measures have been implemented for everyone's protection. As always we will support one another and get through this together.

RESERVATIONS: We will be limiting our patrons to no more than 4 in the office at a time. Outdoor seating is available for your comfort while you wait to speak with one of our reservationists.

We have cancelled all incoming Coast to Coast, Passport America and AOR reservations, until further notice. 

We have suspended all transient "out of State" reservations for overnight or weekend stays.

We have suspended all day passes and drive through requests. We are honoring our local seasonal day pass patrons.

We are currently accepting our regular, local campers for weekend camping.

STORE HOURS: Our store hours will be, Monday-Friday-10:00am - 8:00pm, Saturday-8:00am-8:00pm, Sunday-8:00am-7:00pm. 

We will be limiting our patrons to no more than 4 in the store at a time. Seating will be provided on the patio for your waiting comfort.

We will be limiting our patrons to no more than 2 in the Laundromat at a time.

CLUB HOUSE: There will be no bingo until further notice.

There will be no gatherings in the club room or any common areas. The beach area and pool are considered common areas. The children's play grounds are "at your own risk".

The kitchen will be closed until the 1st weekend of April. The kitchen will be open for breakfast and dinner for take out only, until further notice. We encourage you to call in your orders for pick up so the seated waiting area does not become congested.

Some items may not currently be available. Ex: macaroni salads, potato salads, etc. The menu will be slightly modified at this time.

EVENTS: All entertainment, events and activities are postponed until further notice. 

For anyone making reservations for special event or holiday weekends... we cannot guarantee the current "schedule of events" posted on our webpage. However, if you make a reservation for those above referenced weekends, we will not issue any refunds based on cancellation of entertainment or events.